José Luis André



The architect Jose Luis Andre has over 25 years' experience in the field. He has been recognized and awarded in several occasions. Among those was International Property Awards in London. Many of his projects were published in important magazines. In 2015 one of his awarded homes was selected as cover of prestigious book " Casas de Campo del Uruguay" He has been working since the beginning with important architectural firms.

One of them was Architect Carlos Ott’s Firm, where Jose Luis participated in innumerable amount of outstanding great scale Architecture projects in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and China.

Those projects include Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Offices, Theatres, Airports, Ports, Hospitals, Urbanizations, High-rise Buildings, and custom designed Residences.

In 1998 he graduates with the highest grade and that same year opens his own particular Architectural Firm in Montevideo working in parallel in other Firms.

In 2005 decides to go totally independent opening his firm “JLA Estudio / José Luis André Arquitectos”.

The last few years Estudio JLA has been hired to develop huge number of important residences in Montevideo, Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio and other departments within Uruguay.Always being very cautious with design, implementing different “styles” according to client’s needs and requests.

The Professional Services include Pre-Development Architectural projects, Development Architectural projects, Construction Management, Construction Administration and Investment Advice. In order to achieve excellency in their projects, the key for Estudio JLA is to establish an empathic link with the client based on honesty, and to captivate the different functional, esthetic and economic requirements. Being able to find an equilibrium with those requirements, always putting attention and being extremely cautious to every detail.As a result incrementing a significant amount of equity to the property.